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Cheap Date Ideas 81-100
Cool date ideas you’ll both remember.

81 – Go horseback riding, four-wheeling or mountain biking.

82 – Go to a Halloween party and be sure to help one another pick out or make a costume.

83 – Make a trip to your local video rental store and rent a DVD to watch at home; don’t forget the snacks.

84 – Go swimming or some other water related activity.

85 – Carving Jack-o-lanterns is a fun date idea that almost anyone will enjoy.

86 – Check out a local band in your neighborhood or town.

87 – Get two bonsai trees and spend the afternoon shaping them into a unique design.

88 – Go panning for gold or digging for precious stones.

89 – Spend a day digging for dinosaur bones.

90 – Celebrate a crazy or weird holiday together.

91 – Married couples can pretend to woo each other for the first time on online dating sites or through a social networking site.

92 – Spend the day making an odd sculpture from junk you find around the house. It will be up to you if it’s good enough to display it.

93 – Slave for a day. This one is probably better for couples that have been together for a while unless you are feeling adventurous.

94 – Donate blood together.

95 – Hold a staged fake kidnapping or fake arrest for one another.

96 – Volunteer to be models at a hairdressing school.

97 – Try and find something in the Guinness Book of World Records that both of you can break as a couple.

98 – Go on a scavenger hunt. You can often find organized hunts on the Internet.

99 – Dress up in wacky costumes and go to dinner, a movie, grocery shopping, etc. This one would probably be more enjoyable to do in October.

100 – Draw or paint pictures on each other; don’t forget to take pictures and use skin safe material. login
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