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Cheap Date Ideas 81-100 Cool date ideas you’ll both remember. 81 – Go horseback riding, four-wheeling or mountain biking. 82 – Go to a Halloween party and be sure to help one another pick out or make a costume. 83 – Make a trip to your local video rental store and rent a DVD to […]


Approach Women With No Fear Of Rejection If you find it difficult approaching women you like, then it is likely that you haven’t learned an important lesson. That lesson is simply this: you need to approach women without any fear of rejection. It sounds so very deceptively simple but many guys face this problem because […]


Maybe you’re tired of having your friends (or worst yet your family) trying to set you up on blind dates. Perhaps you’re too much of a wallflower to attend the singles’ joints local to you. It could also be that you’re simply uncomfortable with the meat-market feeling that often infuses bars and clubs. The solution […]